The people keep moving. Legs, feet, shoes shuffling down the street. Destinies unknown. Don’t stumble or trip, just keep moving. College town, lectures, meetings, lunches to get to, to be on time for. We’re busy. So, so busy. Does it end? The sprint to the finish line, I think. Does it feel like this until the very end? Tell me no. Lie if you must. Tell me there is more-more stories to tell, more life to live. We need to think outside of the box, to sit in the sun, to look out beyond this bustling city. We need to be still.

100 Word Challenge: A minus

About startingwritenow

I am a mom, a wife, a sister, daughter and friend. I love a good laugh, a house full of people, a great craft beer (or two), a bold red wine and a book or movie of any kind.-good, bad or otherwise! I believe in learning something everyday, in growing and changing every chance you get. I don't fit in every circle, I don't color inside the lines, but I have learned to love my messy life!
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